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The Xyvos Antivirus 1.5 edition is designed to protect against spywares, malwares, viruses and online threats
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Xyvos Technologies
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11 December 2010

Editor's review

The rapid growth that the computer and internet technology has witnessed so far in the past few years, has also been accompanied by a consistently rising threat-level coming in the forms of virus, hackers, spyware and other malicious programs. These threats, if not addressed properly, possess some serious potential to cause a great deal of harm to our computing as well as online day-to-day activities. Hence, it becomes almost mandatory for users from all walks-of-life to equip themselves with the latest possible technologies to counter these threats. Xyvos Free Antivirus 1.5 is such a program that features all the necessary technologies an user would perhaps like to see in their antivirus software, thus eventually ensuring a totally risk free “virtual” existence.

Xyvos Free Antivurs 1.5 opens with a nice, pretty-to-look-at blue-white interface with all the major controls located at the left hand side of the window. The product with its integrated anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-malware components, is indeed an one stop solution for multiple threat levels thus dismissing the requirement of individual dedicated programs for all of these purposes. Unlike most of the other anti-virus software floating around the market at present, Xyvos choose to take a different approach by rejecting the traditional signature-based method and opted for a more sophisticated behavior-based threat-detection process. It is also equipped with a really fast scan engine. Some of the added exciting features the product can boast of are, enhanced USB protection, dedicated attention towards keyloggers, spywares and external intrusions, low consumption of system resources and many more. Plus, it’s absolutely free and also comes with anti-root kit protection.

Xyvos Free Antivurs 1.5 with all its advanced technical features, high reliability and free-of-cost nature, will definitely stand quite up to the mark as far as your expectation level is concerned. Hence it gets a score of three and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

The Xyvos Antivirus 1.5 edition is designed to protect against spywares, malwares, viruses and online threats. The solution is a consolidated package of anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-malware components.Efficiency of any anti-virus solution depends on the extent of protection it can provide against intrusions and threats. Most of the traditional antivirus solutions are based on the signature method which can capture and eliminate only known set of viruses and other kind of malwares. This approach is what differentiates Xyvos from other systems.Xyvos Anti-virus Edition utilizes behaviour-based detection methods which offer a reliable solution against known and unknown threats and attacks. Our program is also fast and reliable which means that you are free from false alarms that are created by most of the other products in the market.Our antivirus solution is faster than the other traditional approach and is a sure-shot method of protecting your PC.
What is Xyvos?
Improved Reliablity
Light and hence does not affect performance
Behaviour based virus detection method
Free Technical Support system
Efficient protection against spywares, keyloggers and targeted attacks
Provides anti-rootkit protection
High level of USB Protection
Xyvos Free Antivirus
Xyvos Free Antivirus
Version 1.5
Free Download

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